4 Ways to Make IoT Future Ready

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It goes without saying that among the current technologies, IoT definitely is likely to revolutionize our world. However, there are several constraints that plague the technology. Most of these are related to security and have shortcomings that need to be paid attention to by developers across the globe. This is the only way to ensure that the tech reaches prominence.


Pay attention to the following aspects of IoT and learn about the constraints plaguing the technology.

1) Storage Constraints

The most common concern is that of memory. As IoT devices are small in size, they face memory storage constraints and battery constraints. This automatically affects their ability to run powerful security algorithms. This is trying to be overcome by segregating devices into diversified networks and also with use of firewalls that overcome the device limitations.


2) Data Security

Security is always a major area of research in IoT. Security is being improved by addition of stronger safeguards and by decoupling of personally identifiable data from IoT data payloads. Unused and redundant Data must be deleted from the database. This helps reduce any backdoor entry activities and ensures utmost safety. Here, Blockchain technology with decentralized distributed ledger is playing a major role by enabling secure storage and sharing of IoT data.


3) Cloud Connectivity

The cloud applications of IoT need to be paid attention to. Here, the criteria that need to be considered are data recognition and handling which can ensure that no malicious software update can be uploaded on the platform though any loophole.


4) Preparing for the future

The IoT app development companies must consider the future uncertainties that can arise or the future needs that can come. Hence, the device and apps while under the designing and building process must analyze and interpret the future circumstances. You might intend to add features like geofencing or even Bluetooth beacons or touch authentication or even voice control to your IoT app. Hence, consider future flexibility in app development.


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