5 Key Advantages that Businesses can Enjoy by Investing in Mobile Apps

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Today, the global app economy is a major mover in the digital market. Thanks to the ubiquity of smartphones, millions of apps populate today’s app marketplaces with millions more in the making. With consumers increasingly seeking apps as their preferred mode of interacting with businesses, developing a business app for enterprise needs is a smart investment, considering the potential these applications offer.


Here are the reasons why mobile applications make more sense in today’s market:

- Brand recall

Unlike websites which are closed immediately after usage, apps stay on the device even upon closure. This brings the brand more eyeballs and helps customers associate with the brand more. Users are less likely to delete apps unless they have to, making user retention easier with apps.


- Interest Booster

The one major benefit that apps offer over websites is that they have push notifications. This feature has a significantly better conversion ratio than pop-up ads or emails, enabling the app to keep the customer regularly updated with news and offers.


- Customer engagement

Applications allow businesses to engage customers more easily. Unlike websites, where the only way of personalized engagement is through emails or live-chats, apps can open a direct line of communication between the business and the customer. This can help businesses reach out to their customers more effectively.


- Ease of usage

Unlike websites, smartphone applications do not suffer from timeouts and are generally more responsive. Also, apps run on the smartphone’s hardware, unlike websites which are run from remote servers through the internet. Unlike websites whose performance and speed are dependent on the internet connectivity, app performance is stable and intuitive, offering a clear advantage to users.


- Better looks

The graphics and UX of apps are built into the software and run on the device’s processors. This allows mobile app development teams to build a more responsive and rich design that can incorporate heavy graphics without the fear of slow loading time.


The burden involved in deploying mobile applications is definitely outweighed by the benefits they offer. If your business is ready to take the plunge and offer services through mobile apps, choose Openwave as your development partner. We are among the most reputed mobile app development companies in the US.

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