5 Pitfalls you Should Avoid when Developing an App

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The mobile app development space remains as competitive as ever, and is perhaps, growing even more so. As of March 2017, there were around 2.8 million apps on Google Play Store and more than 2.2 million apps on Apple App Store. This means that mistakes in mobile application development can possibly result in your app being lost amidst the clutter, spelling doom for your business.


Here we bring out some of the most common mistakes made during mobile app design so you can steer clear of them:

1) Not choosing a single platform

Choose the platform – Android or iOS - before you start developing the app. Both platforms come with their share of perks, and attempting to tap into both with a cross-platform application will result in wasted time and expenditure. Settle on one to move forward


2) Low Marketing activity after launch

No matter how functional your app idea is, it faces a slow death if you do not handle the post-launch marketing properly. Start by using social media to create an active profile. Post on communities that are related to the app. You should also set aside money for promoted ads on social media channels!


3) Not testing your app enough

This is another huge mistake. What is worse than not testing your app enough is relying on friends or family to test it. You don’t want to end up launching a buggy, glitch-laden app. Get your app tested by people in the demographic and age bracket your app is targeting. Also, test it on different versions and devices.


4) Not focusing on the app size

Your potential users do not want your app to take up all the space on their device. If it’s memory-intensive, your app is bound to get deleted soon after being installed. Before your app gets the axe, break down your APK, keep media content to a minimum, optimize any images used and obfuscate the code.


5) Cramming too many features

You might think that the more the features, the better the app is, right? Wrong! Add too much, and you risk ruining the user experience and distracting the user from the actual purpose of the app. Keep it minimal, and scale up as needed later on.


If you want to avoid these common mistakes and launch a perfect mobile application, team up with a reputed mobile app development company like Openwave!

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