7 Ways How Native Apps are Superior to Web Applications

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Since the time web apps arrived on the scene, there has been a great deal of scrutiny coming in the way of native applications. The latter have been deemed slow, unresponsive and overall an expensive solution to implement for most businesses. However, there are certain traits of native apps which are unparalleled even by the best and the most optimized of web apps, thus making native app development highly sought-after.


Below are a few factors that establish the superiority of native apps:

1. Quenching the need for speed

Just the fact that native apps are stored locally, makes their speed independent of internet connectivity, and hence makes them relatively faster to operate.


2. The support from app store

One cannot argue with the marketing reach and potential to drive customer downloads which the app market brings in. It’s only the native mobile apps which are hosted on app stores and hence, there is a clear advantage.


3. Enhanced security

They are smart in the sense that they can leverage and utilize the in-built security features built into the host device.


4. Easy to enhance and scale up

A world of well-documented APIs power native applications and this is what makes them pretty easy to scale up. Even creating new APIs is a cakewalk and hence enhancements are not tough to achieve either.


5. Greater compatibility with mobile hardware

The in-house features of mobile devices such as microphone, camera, GPS, Bluetooth etc are full of utility and native applications can easily use and integrate with these. This isn’t that straightforward when trying to achieve through a web browser.


6. Support anticipated UX and UI

While web apps can try and mimic the features of a native app, the feel is just not there. Native apps on the other hand provide just what the users expect in terms of the UX and the UI from handheld devices.


7. The offline run feature

The greatest advantage over web apps is the fact that they can be run offline as well, with no need to connect to the internet for their working.


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