Reasons Why Mobile-driven Businesses are the Future

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Do you own a business? Does your business operate a website that is working ‘just fine’? Well, it might be time for you to consider a newer method of service delivery. In the era of smartphones, the rules of the game have changed- for better or for worse - and it is up to businesses to adapt to the same. Today, consumers are ever so comfortable with accessing internet from handheld devices than via the desktop browser. This places an onus on businesses to turn to a mobile-centric business model; one where most services and features are optimized and light enough to be accessed mobiles.


Does this model work? If so, why?

- End-to-end connectivity

Unlike desktops, the mobile app is a direct connect between the customer and the service provider. While desktops are effective too, smartphones stand out due to the fact that they integrate effortlessly into the lifestyle of users and ensure that the services become an integral element of it.


- A fine value-add to customers

Customers today look up to businesses that are bold risk takers. Offering such a highly unconventional and potentially revolutionary mode of service tends to mould the customer opinion positively and add to the brand value. It is also a great value addition to customers as it offers a personalized service to them.


What benefits does a mobile-centric business model offer from an operational standpoint?

- Offers a seamless user experience as Apps are locally stored and not run by internet-based servers.


- The speed of accessing and utilizing services on mobile apps is significantly better than through other mediums.

- The marketing and branding efforts get a boost as apps are always present on the phones and allow targeted ‘push notifications’.


- Brand recall and customer retention with mobile apps is significantly higher as the apps are ever present on the phone and enjoy greater visibility.

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