What are the Upcoming Trends in Wearable Apps Development?

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The constantly evolving technology market has relentlessly churned out new devices and gadgets for a few years now. The latest tech that is gaining impetus is wearable devices. While smartwatches have been around for more than three years now, their reach has not been widespread due to their limited functionality and their relevance when compared with the smartphone. However, wearable gadgets are back and are this time expected to conquer the market.


Here are a few new concepts that have emerged to the fore which will have an impact on mobile apps development for wearables:

1. Gaming Industry

Gaming is one area which could be immensely revolutionized. With the addition of technology such as haptic feedback and motion sensing, new ways of gaming could be conceptualized.


2. User Interactivity

Wearable apps are a newer and simpler way of offering services. With simple gestures such as swipes and taps, new services can be launched.


3. Online Shopping

Online Shopping can now come to customers’ wrists. By creating apps that allow users to place orders through smartwatches, eCommerce will become more integrated into people’s lifestyle.


4. Healthcare

Healthcare apps that track vitals such as heartbeats and BP can be used as a part of our real-time health assistance. They can also transmit these to apps that use data analytics for health.


5. IoT

Internet of Things is the next big thing. By linking IoT devices with wearables, the entire residence or office can be brought under the control of a single app.


6. Bill payments

Thanks to technology like Near Field Communication, bill payments will be made easier as the wearable device can be connected to mobile wallets.


7. Navigation

Due to GPS and 4G internet, wearables can be used in accurate navigation. They can also be used to provide directions by using pings and vibrations.


8. Beacon Technology

Augmenting WiFi and GPS, wearable devices such as smartphones can be used in large areas such as supermarkets to identify the right aisle or a direction to the checkout counter.


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