What is the Significance of Location Data in Improving the Usability of an App?

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Open your smartphone and pick out any application. Look for its app permissions requests and you are likely to find location tracking permissions. This is now common to most applications as they all track your location using geolocation sensors such as GPS. Ever wondered why you require such features? It helps to know the significance of location data and how they help your application.


What is location data? How is it gathered?

Location data refers to the information of the user’s whereabouts which is tracked by the smartphone and relayed to the service provider. This information is usually obtained by triangulating the location of a smartphone by using the GPS sensor which tracks its position relative to a constellation of GPS satellites. By finding the position of the smartphone in the spatial coordinates, app service providers can know where users are traveling from and can track them throughout the movement.


How is this useful for application developers?

By knowing where their users are situated, businesses can offer location-specific information. For example, a weather info app can personalize the information that is sent to the app of the user based on his location. Similarly, advertisements from local businesses can also be beamed onto the smartphones of users as and when they come within a specified radius of the retail outlets.


Is this effective? What about privacy concerns?

Yes, privacy concerns do arise from such apps. In extreme cases, extensive tracking from mobile app developers and non-judicious marketing using push notifications can lead to app installs. However, such concerns can be addressed by allowing customers to customize their tracking features and allow them to limit the accessibility of the application in tracking their movement. The upside to this is that users can be encouraged to willingly share location information and the same can be used to customize their experience without any fear of backlash.


How can location features be integrated into an app?

SDKs or Software Development Kits that receive from geolocation sensors and transmit the same can be obtained from 3rd party developers and be integrated into the mobile application. However, developing an app with such location tracking features requires the assistance of expert mobile app developers.


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