What makes Joomla the best CMS to build your business website on?

If you’re considering setting up a website for your business, one of the foremost things you need to factor in is the CMS you’ll work on. It is a natural choice for many to blindly sign up for WordPress, without gaining a deeper perspective into their decision. We’re here to tell you why Joomla makes a better choice than WordPress and how this award-winning Content Management System will meet all your business requirements.

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Here are five reasons that will alter your perceptions and convince you into making the switch to Joomla:

1: It empowers well-known brands

According to the claims made by Joomla’s website, there’s one download every 2.5 seconds. The impressive figures aren’t the only reason why you need to choose these platform. Most of the well-known names, including Pizza Hut, Kellogg’s, IKEA, MTV Greece, etc. use it, so why shouldn’t you?


2: Thousands of extensions

Compared to WordPress’ 12000+ plugins, Joomla’s 6000+ extensions might seem dwarfed, but there’s more to it. Instead of cluttering up the space, it chooses to keep it clean. This makes it easy for you to find an extension that meets your needs.


3: Backend organizational superiority

WordPress lacks organization, and it might prove to be a hassle to add a menu or plugin on a certain page. However, Joomla’s exceptional backend organizational structure facilitates ease of use and users can instantly master its use.


4: Outstanding admin interface

One of the biggest highlights of Joomla is its simple, yet elegant admin area. Easy to understand, and providing a host of options, it can any day outshine WordPress’ run-of-the-mill admin panel. From setting user levels to content restrictions, to customized permission settings, all tasks can be handled with ease.


5: Themes and Templates

In contrast to WordPress’ minimalism, it offers a lot more design freedom with tons of themes and templates that are nothing short of stunning. Also, unlike other CMS platforms, where only one template remains active throughout the website, Joomla allows customization at the page level.


As per recent statistics, 3.3% of all websites are using Joomla, and the numbers will only spike in the coming years. The platform’s exceptional functionality and most notably, its ease-of-use is what makes it a winner. Want to migrate to Joomla or set up a website from scratch? Get in touch with top Joomla developers in New York, US.

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