What you need to know about the all-new launch of Android Studio 3.1?

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The new version of Google’s integrated development environment (IDE) Android Studio got launched recently. The all-new Android Studio 3.1 has been developed to enhance mobile app quality and productivity. With several features and functions being added in the version to enhance the whole process of android app development, the developer community is already buzzing in excitement.


Here’s a look at some of the highlights of version 3.1:

  • Kotlin Lint Checks: This is the best news for android developers as now they can run Lint code quality checks from both command line and IDE.
  • Editing Database Codes: Now the long-awaited database related issues have been solved and editing of inline SQL/Room Database codes have become simpler. Even the navigation throughout your project of SQL code has become better.
  • D8 Dex Compiler: Forget about your old Dex compiler and get ready to experience the all new D8 Dex compiler. It comes as a boon to the Android developers because it will make the app sizes smaller, allow step by step debugging ensuring more accuracy and will be faster than previous versions.
  • New Build Output Window: There is a change in the build output window and is helping the developers in developing much better apps with ease. The new window shows build status and errors separately in a tree view. It enhances the whole experience of Android development.
  • C++ CPU Profiling: The new version of Android studio has a feature using which you can profile your C++ code in the app. Now you can easily record C++ method traces using the profiler.
  • Better Code Editors: Google has provided developers with improved code editors that help in creating complex codes involving SQL statements and also helps in troubleshooting the codes in a simpler way.
  • Network Traffic Profiler: The new Android Studio provides a network thread view that helps the developers in inspecting complex multithreaded network traffic and the troubleshoot network requests over time.

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